What is Share-IT?

Established in 2004, Share-IT is an initiative of
Community Environment Alliance (CEA).

The Share-IT program was conceived to reduce the digital divide and improve the quality of lives of those who are socially, physically and economically challenged, as well as raise public awareness about the issue of e-waste and its potentially hazardous impact on the environment and those who handle it.

The program was first rolled out in Ontario’s Region of Peel. It’s success in Peel, prompted it to expand. In 2012, in partnership with the Dufferin County Community Services and Dufferin County Waste Services, Share-IT was launched in the County of Dufferin.

Whether its providing technology access to the marginalised or raising awareness on the harmful effects of e-waste, as a community-based program, Share-IT’s impact is far reaching. The program’s positive contribution has been recognised by several awards, including the prestigious 2007 Canadian Environment Award and the 2005 Great Grants’ Chair Award.


Reduce E-Waste

Minimize electronic waste through promoting community-based reuse and recycling of computers, printers, scanners and more

Improve the Environment

Improve the environmental health of the community by diverting toxic e-waste from entering into landfills and encouraging sustainability through recycling and repurposing initiatives

Help the Community

Provide newcomers, low-income families and the less fortunate refurbished computers to bridge the digital divide and improve quality of life

Raise Awareness

Inform people about the environmental and human health impacts of e-waste